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What is the health of the wiper?

Jul 18, 2018

What is the health of the wiper?


Soft Flat Windshield Wipers Blades For Vw Jetta New Polo.jpgThe abnormal sound of the wiper is mostly caused by the abrasion of the strip, the damage of the arm and the bracket, and the aging deformation of the strip. In addition, problems such as excessively installed strips or problems with the position and angle of the wiper arm can cause abnormal sound to the wiper. Sometimes you will find that some parts of the wiper work are blurry or have various traces, no matter how fast. This may be caused by the deformation of the strip of the wiper blade, the inability to completely conform to the windshield, or the fact that the wiper strip is not clean.

Proper maintenance and use of the wiper can effectively extend the life of the wiper, so that you always maintain a good driving sight. For the convenience of many car owners, detergents are used as water wiper water. Although their cleaning ability is good, they will corrode water spray systems, wipers and car finishes. For wiper water, be sure to choose a neutral, decontaminating, lubricated Volkswagen glass cleaner. In addition, you need to check the glass cleaner content in time to avoid the spray motor running at no load.

The boneless wiper blade relies on a whole force bar to disperse the pressure, so that the force of each part of the wiper can be evenly distributed, and a better cleaning effect can be achieved. Volkswagen's original boneless wiper strips are perfectly matched to the car's windshield glass, effectively reducing wear and tear, combined with its simple structure and lighter weight, making it longer lasting, more economical and reliable.