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What is the control system for the wiper?

Jul 11, 2018

What is the control system for the wiper?


Car Flat Pink Rear Winter Wiper Blades Reviews WB-R01 With Multifunction Adapters.jpgThe wiper scientific name wiper refers to the chip structure installed in front of the windshield. It consists of a motor, a reducer, a four-bar linkage mechanism, a wiper arm spindle, and a wiper blade assembly. The main function is to sweep the gear. Rain, snow and dust obstructing sight on the windshield.

The intermittent flexible wiper is adjusted by the driver according to the rain and the line of sight. The difference from the wiper mounted on other ordinary cars is that it can automatically raise and lower the scraping speed according to the change of the speed of the car. Because in the same amount of rainfall, the faster the speed, the more rain on the face, and if you stop, the slowdown of the wiper will reduce the noise.

The wiper control system can not only realize the delay control of the wiper through the electronic control system, but also realize some other complicated control. The electronic control system consists of a two-speed motor and two limit switches. The following functions can be realized with one handle switch: cleaning, wiper, high-speed wipe, low-speed wipe, intermittent wipe and delay control. The complex electronic control system also enables positive pressure control and rain sensing control.