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What if the wiper is not clean

May 15, 2018

What happens to the wiper blade of the car ? This is the problem that the owner friend often encounters . It will not find any abnormal condition . However , if it is used in rainy days , there will be a situation where the rain is not clean . What ' s the cause of the rain scraping is not clean ? It is an important part of the summer car maintenance . 

According to my experience of automobile beauty maintenance for many years , the reason why the rain scraping is not clean mainly is that there is no visible dirt on the glass . These are mainly from the following aspects : 

one is the lower wind head of the cooling tower of the central air conditioner , the cooling tower sprays the particles after the water is torn down to form a small white point on the glass , and after the water is dried , it is difficult to remove thoroughly ;

Second , high - speed running long distance smashed insect body mucus ;

Third , the car stopped under the tree , and the insect ' s mucus was stuck on the glass . 

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Because these things stick to the glass with water and cloth , it ' s hard to get rid of it completely ( just not visible ) , forming an uneven surface on the glass . This way , when using a wiper , there is a scratch on the glass . 

Knowing the reason why the wiper blade is not clean , how do we remove these obnoxious things ? Here ' s a little bit of tips . soak the glass with water and touch it gently on the glass with your hands . If the glass surface is not smooth , it will be foreign matter . After wiping with warm water for several times , you can clean it with warm water . It ' s good effect . After flushing , touch the glass . It ' s very smooth . When you open the wiper , it ' s very clean . In the case of common scratch , we can use the above method to do the treatment .

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If it is not clean , it is necessary to check the wiper strip . If you touch the glass with water , it is possible to change the wiper strip . In the daily use , we should pay attention to the maintenance of the wiper blade , prevent it from being affected , and avoid affecting the use .

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