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What great specialties does frameless wiper have?

Jul 10, 2018

Wiper blade is fitted closely with the curved glass, which makes the force average. The carbon film on smear can ensure grab quieter, smoother and cleaner. Its design takes aerodynamics. When driving on high-speed road, smear will be uplifted by air in order to ensure that scrap more clearly.


  The structure’s design of the optimized the wipers with the middle wide flat has the role against sun and aging. Frameless wiper takes a skeleton floating steel structure to eliminate the movement shaking, which has longer life, lighter weight and stronger adhesion than traditional wipers. Rubber and the covering spring take the rubber, which are resistant to ozone and UV and adapt to different climatic conditions. Compared with traditional wipers, frameless wiper group is simpler and more convenient, and just can be installed manually, without using other tools.

  Modern frameless wipers combine the benefits of bone and boneless. And production of a wiper blade can also be said with bone steel-framed structures.