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What do you know about the wiper's past life?

Apr 20, 2018

   The inventor of the wiper was a girl and a woman driver. On a rainy day, driving out of the car, the result of a small brother was hit. Later, the driver explained: because the rain is too heavy, can not see the road accidentally hit. Don't admit that your driving skills are not good.

   If you just say that, do you think anyone else will believe it? I don't believe you! The driver was so angry that she tried to do something that would get rid of the water from the front windshield, and she invented a device called a hand wiper.

hand wiper

  This thing is simple . It ' s easy to use . When there is water on the glass , shake the handle with a hand . If anyone ' s in the driver ' s seat , you can shake it . If anyone ' s in the driver ' s seat , you can also let him shake . After the invention comes out , everyone thinks it ' s very silly . I think it ' s silly , but . . Since then , the woman driver hasn ' t hit anyone again .

  Although this hand wiper was invented, but everyone felt very inconvenient, so car companies are not optimistic. And you're going to think, why not use electricity? Yeah, just use the motor! The invention of the world's first mass-produced electric wiper. From then on, rainy days driving, no longer need to rush wiper.

   Electric wipers were mass-produced and were quickly loaded into cars. The wipers at the time were basically this long.

First generation wiper