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What do auto parts include?

Apr 29, 2019
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1. Engine accessories, mainly including engine, engine assembly, throttle body, cylinder body, tension wheel, etc.;

2. Transmission accessories, mainly including clutch, transmission, gearshift lever assembly, reducer, magnetic materials, etc.;

3, brake accessories, mainly including the main brake pump, brake pump, brake assembly, brake pedal assembly, compressor, brake disc, brake drum, etc.;

4, steering accessories, mainly including kingpin, steering machine, knuckle, ball pin, etc.;

5. Moving parts, mainly including rear bridge, air suspension system, balance block, steel plate, etc.;

6. Electrical instrument accessories, mainly including sensors, automobile lamps, spark plugs, batteries, etc.;

7. Automobile lamps, mainly including decorative lights, fog lights, ceiling lights, headlights, brake lights, reversing lights, turn signals, instrument lights, indicator lights, searchlights and other automotive lights;

8, car modification parts, mainly including tire pump, car top box, car top frame, electric winch, etc.;

9. Security and anti-theft accessories, including steering wheel lock, wheel lock, safety belt and camera head;

10. Car interior accessories, mainly including car carpet (floor mat), steering wheel cover, steering wheel power ball, curtain, sun shield, etc.;

11, auto accessories, mainly including Gu wheel cover, car decal stickers, license plate planes, sunny rain shield, etc.;

12. Comprehensive accessories, mainly including adhesives, sealants, vehicle tools, car springs, plastic parts, etc.;

13. Audio-visual electrical accessories, mainly including tire pressure monitoring system, decoder, display, car intercom, etc.;

14. Chemical physical accessories, mainly including coolant, brake fluid, antifreeze fluid, lubricating oil, etc.;

15. Automobile body and accessories, mainly including wiper, automobile glass, safety belt, airbag, instrument panel, etc.;

16. Automobile maintenance accessories, mainly including sheet metal equipment, purification system, tire breaker, calibrator, etc., as well as electric tools such as electric punching shears, hot air guns, electric jacks and electric wrenches;

17, auto electrical accessories, is one of the most important parts in car, including battery, battery clip, battery line, line, start the machine, magnetic switch, any experence, rotor, stator, carbon brush and carbon brush holder, copper sleeve, bearings, start relay, ignition switch, controller, engine, wiper motor and heater motor, warm wind resistance, heater switch, wiper switch, wiper intermittent relay, lamps, small lamp, fog lamp, tail lamp assembly, brake lamp switch, reversing light switch, lighting switch, fog lamps, double flash switch, all kinds of relay, light bulbs, insurance, wiper blade, flasher, etc (too much, to say, these) roughly, in addition, There are GPS/ navigation, GPS accessories, car GPS, bluetooth GPS, handheld GPS, integrated GPS, GPS module, GPS charger, car map and other electronic devices.

18, other auto parts, mainly including tires, car cushion, car oxygen bar, etc