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What are the types of wipers?

Oct 18, 2018
New Multifuctional Type Hybird Windshield (Wb-750).jpgWiper blades are generally divided into two types, including bone wipers and boneless wipers. Bone wipers are also known as traditional wipers, which are supported by metal brackets. There is no boneless wiper, and the boneless wiper relies mainly on its overall weight to give the glass pressure. Boneless wipers have less noise and damage to the glass because there are no metal brackets. The price is also relatively cheap. Generally speaking, you can get one less than 40 yuan. More importantly, it can make the wiper evenly and more conformable to the glass. A bone wiper may be more expensive in price, but the cleaning effect is more pronounced. The cleaning speed is also faster and better than the boneless wiper!

Generally, the wiper is broken, we can change it ourselves, but when buying the wiper, we first determine what interface the car is. Most of the wiper interfaces of the model are U-shaped interfaces, which are also common interfaces. After the interface is determined, To make a choice of brand, when choosing a brand, try to choose a big brand of products.

However, some brands have dedicated interfaces. For example, BMW's interface is dedicated. Other vehicles cannot be accessed.