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What are the types of wiper on the market?

Aug 08, 2018

What are the types of wiper on the market?


Original wiper blade for BWM 7 Series.jpgThe wiper consists of a motor, a reducer, a four-bar linkage, a wiper arm spindle, a wiper blade assembly, etc. The power source comes from the motor, which is the core of the entire wiper system. When the driver presses the switch of the wiper, the motor starts, the speed of the motor drives the swing arm through the deceleration and twisting of the worm gear, the swing arm drives the four-bar linkage mechanism, and the four-bar linkage mechanism drives the rotating shaft mounted on the front panel to swing left and right. Finally, the windshield wipes the windshield by the rotating shaft.

Because the pressure of the bone wiper is transmitted by the layer laminate strip, the pressure distribution is uneven, the fit of the entire wiper and the glass is not uniform, the degree of wear is inconsistent, and noise is easily generated between the glass and the wiper blade. The boneless wiper is the whole rubber strip, the structure is simple, the weight is light, so it fits tightly with the curved glass, and the steel sheet without the bone wiper is better than the general bone wiper, which can reduce the jitter wear. And life expectancy is longer than having a bone wiper. When replacing the wiper, the boneless wiper does not require replacement of the wiper arm, which is simpler and more convenient than having a bone wiper.

The three-stage wiper is a three-segment plastic sleeve on the bridge scraper jacket, which covers the bridge frame and has a more curved design. It solves the shortcomings of the ordinary three-section brushless nodes in some cars and the ends cannot be attached. The disadvantage of combining glass.