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What are the precautions for using a wiper when driving?

Jul 10, 2018

What are the precautions for using a wiper when driving?


Windscreen Washing Wiper Universal Soft Wiper Blade.jpgWe know that the wiper mainly uses rubber strips to scrape on the glass. If there is no water on the glass or insufficient water, dry friction between the rubber strip and the glass will easily damage the rubber strip of the wiper. If there are fine sand and dust on the glass, it is easy to scratch the glass. At the beginning of the rain, the floating soil on the glass and a small amount of rainwater combine to form muddy water. At this time, it is recommended not to open the wiper immediately. Otherwise, it is easy to scratch the glass and block the line of sight. If you really need to open the wiper immediately, I suggest you first Spray glass water.

When the wiper oscillates, its influence on the driver's line of sight is inevitable. For novices, how to reduce the interference of the wiper on their own line of sight is a driving skill that must be learned. In addition, novices should not operate the wiper frequently when driving in a congested section where they stop and go, so as to avoid collision of the vehicle during operation.

Regularly check the amount of glass water remaining. When we operate the water spray function of the wiper, if it is found that there is no wiper water spray, then we should first check whether the spout is blocked, and then check if the wiper water supply is sufficient.