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What are the points for the wiper?

Nov 09, 2018


Best Car Parts Frameless Wipers Arm Blade For BMW Sizing Chart M5.jpgThe wiper needs to be cleaned regularly or cleaned according to usage. The correct method is to lift the wiper blade and separate it from the windshield when washing or washing the wiper. Check for damage and the elasticity of the rubber sheet. If the wiper blade is not damaged, just use water. Wet wiper blade, then wipe the wiper blade back and forth several times with water sandpaper, and finally wash it with water. If there is damage or rupture, then the wiper blade needs to be replaced.

Many times, we will find some dust or stains on the windshield, and some drivers will use the wiper to scrape the stains on the glass. In fact, this method is not appropriate, because the main function of the wiper is to clean the rain. If there is stain on the windshield, the wiper cannot be used as a tool for cleaning the glass. This can easily cause the wiper blade to age, wear and block. The surface of the wind glass is raised. Thereby affecting the use effect and shortening the life of the wiper blade.

The wiper should be placed in the lowest position when we are not using it, and the lower part of the windshield should be cleaned frequently to prevent foreign matter from deforming the wiper blade for a long time.