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What are the hazards of fake and bad wiper blades?

Nov 15, 2018

Latest Patented Wiper Arm Blade With The 2 Avaible Adapters Removing.jpgThe wiper blade is very important for driving safety. We can imagine that if the wiper blade is not effective, if we can't get a clear view, how dangerous it is to drive. A good wiper blade must have strong scratching properties, good adhesion to the windshield, no scratching of the windshield, corrosion resistance and low noise.

The rubber surface treatment process of the fake and inferior wiper blade cannot meet the requirements, and it cannot be closely adhered to the windshield glass. When the water is wiped, there will be a phenomenon such as scratching, watermarking and abnormal noise, and even scratching the windshield. Or the frictional resistance between the wiper blade and the windshield is too large, increasing the load on the wiper motor.

The brackets of the counterfeit wiper blades are poor in material, the surface treatment is not easy to rust, and the pressure of the bracket cannot guarantee the effective pressure and contact area of the wiper blade and the windshield. The rubber material of the counterfeit wiper blade is poor, and after a short time of use, hardening, cracking, partial peeling and the like may occur, and a good wiping effect cannot be achieved.