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What are the common problems with wipers?

Sep 26, 2018

What are the common problems with wipers?


Best Car Parts Frameless Wipers Arm Blade For BMW Sizing Chart M5.jpgThe universal wiper is designed according to the windshield curvature of most cars. It is not designed for a specific model. Therefore, when the arc of a very small model is too large, the tail will slightly warp, but this will not happen. Affect the use, or reduce the size of one.

The windshield is not clean; the wiper is frequently operated under abnormal conditions; there is dirt on the strip, which can be wiped gently with a damp paper towel or sanded with a sandpaper; the strip is damaged or the wiper and wiper Improper installation of the arm. The pressure on the wall is too light, causing the wiper to fit snugly against the glass, and the effect of the stroke during the trip can cause jitter.

In the case that the strip is not aged and the arm pressure is within the range of use, the glass is too dirty. As the name suggests, the wiper can only clean the rain, not the oil, and the high-end car exhaust has oil. The car is here for a long time. Under the environment or occasionally parked near the hotel, the glass oil is more polluted. In addition, it does not rain for a long time. The oil on the glass is not dissolved by acidic rain, which causes the wipe to be unclean. You can add detergent to the glass water storage tank. After the detergent is dissolved, wipe it a few times to clean it. There is a direction that is not cleaned up and down. The pressure on the wall is given by the spring tension hidden under the scraping arm. The long-distance round-trip operation will cause the scraping arm to deform. At this time, the old wiper is also deformed, and the upper and lower can be scraped off. Rain, and replacing it with a new wiper will cause it to go up or down. This problem has nothing to do with the wiper. Just fix the wiper arm and the problem can be solved.