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Type of wiper arm and interface and replacement method

May 18, 2018

Car wipers are no stranger. Drivers have used them and bought them. But changing wipers by themselves is not everyone's strong point. With the development of technology, the forms of wiper plugs are becoming more and more common. Many friends in the first time to change the wiper is a head of fog "ah!" How is this different from what I've seen before? " So today we will introduce the type and replacement method of wiper arm and interface. It's not complicated, but sometimes it's just one sentence short.

U-shaped wiper arm interface


The wiper arm of this U shaped interface is the most traditional style and is very unified. As long as the wiper is a U shaped mouth, it can be installed, but the way of changing the wiper is more old and not so humanized. This kind of wiper is common to the middle and low end car type, mainly with bone Wiper.


When removing the wiper, it is necessary to push the wiper first to the root of the wiper arm, so that after the wiper arm interface is completely separated, the wiper will then be pulled out in the opposite direction. This action requires a more delicate technique. Before pulling out, the movable wiper will be rotated for a while. Otherwise, it will be blocked when pulled out. It's important to note that there are many wipers that are tight when they are removed, and we can't push too hard, otherwise it's easy to hurt the wiper interface and our hands. A friend around me had another problem when he changed, it took me a long time to take it down, but the new one couldn't be installed again. The same is true for installation, the interface of the wiper is first penetrated into the wiper arm. Note that for the wiper with bone, the wiper arm bayonet passes through the skeleton of the wiper during this step, and then pulls the U-shaped joint upward into the U-shaped bayonet. Some can hear a crisp "snap", indicating that the installation is in place. In addition, if you can't remember, the easiest way to do this is to watch and remember the demolition process carefully, how to remove it and how to install it. Most cars have two front wipers, which are compared to the other before installation. Can help to distinguish between directions.