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Tips to Remove Rear Windshield Wiper Blades

Nov 30, 2020

Getting the best Rear Windshield Wiper is not difficult when you know what you need to do. The basic procedure is still the same. First, you will remove the windshield wiper by loosening the bolts securing it to the windshield. You will need a wrench to perform this task.

Next, you will have to get access to the rear window frame. You will need a screwdriver to help you with this task. There are two screws holding it to the windshield and you need to remove these. With your screwdriver, slowly remove all of the frames until you reach the bottom. With your wrench, you will need to lift up the rear window and the wiper will come off easily.


Now it is time to remove the rest of the wiper assembly. With your screwdriver, disconnect the wires that are holding the wiper assembly in place. You will need to disconnect the wiper blade assembly and the drive belt. This is located in the back of the door frame and the screwdrivers for both these components will need to be removed.

You will need to lift up the wiper blade assembly. You will notice that there are three sets of fasteners that are securing the blades to the front of the door. Take them out using a flat-blade screwdriver. After this removal, use a small amount of silicone to lubricate the screws and blade assembly to make them easier to remove.

With the screws in hand, unscrew the mounting bracket on the back of the window where the wiper is located. With the blade assembly off, slide it out of the window. Once the wiper has been removed, it is now time to remove the drive belt.

You will need to remove the screws on the backside of the rear window where the belt is mounted. This is located on the underside of the car. Use a screwdriver to loosen the two nuts that are securing the belt to the frame. Then you can carefully slide the belt off of the frame and let it fall to the side.

Now it is time to remove the backing plate from the back of the rear window frame. The backing plate is located under the glass and needs to be lifted up to remove it. This is a little trickier than removing the screws because it is secured to the metal frame. You will need to apply a little amount of pressure to get the backing plate out.

Wiper blades that are attached to the drive belts will also need to be disconnected and removed. There are two nuts holding the blades to the belt assembly. You will have to gently tap these nuts with a screwdriver to loosen them. Once the nuts are loose, slide the drive belt assembly off of the frame. and let it drop to the side.

To remove the wiper blade assembly, you will need to remove the two nuts and screws that are securing the assembly to the window frame. These are located behind the steering column on either side of the wipers. With your screwdriver, remove them and move the wiper assembly to the left to remove it.