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There was such a big difference between a soft wiper and a frame wiper.

Feb 28, 2019

    Today, let's talk about whether the new car should be replaced with a soft wiper or a frame wiper. What's the difference between the two, and what's the use of each? Now let's unveil their mystery. 


    Let's see, the soft wiper is like this, the soft wiper has only a point of support in the middle. The soft wiper has only one long, smooth radian. 有骨

    This is a frame wiper, and a frame wiper has multiple support points to support the wiper, and the support points are evenly distributed.

    Next, we look at the advantages and disadvantages of soft wipers and frame wipers. 

Advantages of soft wipers: 1. Ease of installation 

2. Use low noise ;

Disadvantages: high cost, high price

Advantages of frame wipers: 1. The wiper is supported by each skeleton to make the wiper more uniform.;

2. Because of the support of the skeleton, it is easier to brush off Rain Water;

3. It's easier to clean up the dirt of big objects.;

4. Low cost of use.

Disadvantages: high noise, small impurities are not easy to remove.

    At present, many family cars, the city suv is basically the use of bone-free wipers, because the bone-less wipers are more convenient to replace, and more suitable for use in the city, can quickly clean up Rain Water, at the same time, because there is only one point in the stress point, Causes the wiper to work much lighter, thus reducing the working pressure of the wiper motor. Another reason is that bone-less wipers are not so bad, and consumers are more willing to accept them. 

    Secondly, because the city car or the city suv is walking on the city road, especially when driving on the highway, the wind resistance coefficient of the bone-free wiper is much smaller, and the use of the bone-free wiper in the high-speed driving process will be much quieter. The noise of the rain will hardly be heard.

    And the windshield wiper is opposite, because the skeleton is more, the occupied space is also large, therefore, during the high-speed running process, the fluctuation has the obvious sound of the bone-wiper, and when the rain is heavy, the scraping is not as clean as long as there is no framework support, The force is reduced, and the place where the skeleton is stressed is heavier, so it is more clean, and the stress is large, and it is possible to make a sound as the force is too large to rub against the glass. 

    Then, why have bone wiper actually do not have the advantage of bone-less wiper, why will there still be a lot of people like to use bone wiper? In particular, some suv is used more. 有骨实图

    Through this picture, we can see that some suv often run some country routes, especially some of the mud-laden lines, or where there are more leaves, and when there is a bone-wiper, it plays a very important role, and if this is the case with a non-bone wiper, There are a lot of mud, and the wiper can be scraped off easily, and the wiper is very clean. Second, the replacement cost of the windshield wiper is lower, as long as it is not clear, the new wiper will be replaced.