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The two methods to check and maintain the wipers

Jul 25, 2018

Many owners reflect that why my wiper blades always can not scrap glass cleanly. Wipers in the vehicle are only very small parts, but the improper selection or maintenance will also increase the risk of many cars. The following content will tell you how to select and maintain the wipers.

  Firstly, recognize the wiper connecting patterns and specifications. Some supporting arms are fixed to the rocker arm, and some are using convex die. Owners in the choice should pay attention to the correct selection, the vehicle generally uses the wipers model attendant manual annotation, so the owner purchases the wipers just according to the mark.


  Secondly, check whether the wiper rubber strip is aging. When inspecting, the owner can pull wipers up, then use fingers to touch the cleaned rubber wiper, if the wiper blades have the phenomenon of aging, stiffness and crack, which expresses the need for replacement of the wiper.

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