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The rainy season is coming. Here are some tips to protect the wiper

Apr 18, 2018

The rainy season is coming. Here are some tips to protect the wiper

Tips on wipers:

  Wipers are operated through the wiper lever, which is generally located on the right side of the back of the steering wheel. There are also some models with the wiper lever on the left.The front wiper can realize the function of single time MISTT, intermission, slow speed, quick jiao and water spray wiping, except for the low end car, most models can adjust the frequency of intermittent wiping.In the high-end car there are auto-auto-wiper function, according to the rainfall to adjust the speed of the wiper.After the wiper is generally only intermittent and spray wiping function.

Precautions in the use of wipers.:

   1, avoid wiper dry friction, this point I believe car owners have experience.It is recommended that everyone spray glass water before using the wiper to avoid the harsh noise caused by the dry friction between the wiper and the windshield.

   2, avoid high temperature exposure as far as possible, because the material of wiper sheet is rubber, long time high temperature exposure easily causes wiper piece deformation lose elasticity, cause scrape is not clean.

   3, adjust wiper speed according to rainfall at any time, slow can not guarantee clear vision, and fast will lead to wiper rubber strip excessive wear, reduce wiper life.

   4. Check the wipers at least once every six months. Replace the wipers if they are found to be unclean or abnormal when they are checked or used, to avoid accidents caused by unclear vision.

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