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The history and origin story of the car wiper

Jun 01, 2018

Since 1885, the German Carl Friedrich Benz, (Karl Friedrich Benz) invented the first car, (Henry Ford) manufactures cars since 1908, when all the car without wiper this security device.


Later, in 1917, a U.S. citizen, j. r. Oishei, accidentally hit a teenager riding a bicycle during a rainy night in buffalo, New York.In order to put an end to this kind of accident happen again, he invented a metal rod with a groove on the rubber strip, with the hand shake wiper, established through his TRICO company (TRICO, full name of Tri – Continental Corporation, by telegraph abbreviated) manufacturing sales.



But at the time of the power car, and drive hand shake the wiper is quite dangerous, so he developed as the car engine speed drive pump type wiper, the problem is with wiper speed speed and oscillation, and stop when traffic jam or stop the wiper.Later, in 1917, he successfully combined the wiper link and the motor to become the ancestor of the modern wiper.

Knowledge of automobile wiper maintenance :


1. When using rain to remove dust on the windscreen, be      sure to spray glass water and not dry it.


2. There are other stubborn and hard dirt on the glass, which should be cleaned by hand.These things easily hurt the rain, causing the rain to scratch.In severe cases, the electric motor will also be affected.

3. Wash car and daily cleaning need to lift the rain scraper, want to take the rain blade “back”, release gently back, do not snap the rain blade to bounce.


4. If the dirt on the wiper is difficult to clean or the wiper itself is in trouble, it is better to seek professional repair.

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