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The four aspects to check the wipers that are installed on the car

Jun 15, 2018

The content is mainly to tell you how to check the wipers. You can check them from the following four aspects:

  Firstly, whether the wiper with different speeds maintains a certain speed. The wiper switch is placed in various speed positions. And you should especially pay attention that whether the wiper is to maintain a certain speed under the working conditions.

  Secondly, check wiping water state of the wiper blades. When In the purchase of the wiper, we can test a rain brush contact surface of rubber and glass surface fit completely, if not fully fit, when in use, it will produce clean residues, lead to scraping water unclearly.

  Thirdly, check whether the electric motor has abnormal noise. If the wiper motor has "buzz" sound and does not rotate, which illustrates that the wiper mechanical transmission part has rust dead or stuck places, this should be immediately shut down the wiper switch to prevent burning motor, at the same time, take them to the professional repair place to do repairing and detecting as soon as possible.

  Fourthly, the wiper that is longer is not just good. Some people think that the longer the wiper blades are, the bigger the brush area is, and the better the vision is. In fact, lengthening the wiper blades' length can increase visible range, but also relatively increase wiper motor, wiper rod burden, if extended, it must be promised not to interfere with the normal work of the wiper.

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