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The boneless wiper can protect clearer front vision for drivers

Jun 09, 2018

The investigation shows, in the rainy day, over 2/3 of all traffic accidents are caused by unclear vehicle front sight. Choosing a good rain wiper becomes the guarantee to maintain good field of view.


  Careful car enthusiasts will find that, now more and more vehicles take the boneless wipers as the vehicle's standard configuration. Initially, Audi BMW this kind of high-grade car is equipped with frameless wipers, now the new civic, such as Peugeot 307 intermediate cars will also make frameless wipers as the basic configuration.



  From frameless wiper's principle, compared with the wiper with the traditional support, the more wiper pivot has, and the better the wiper is. If the wiper blade has more pivots, the stress will ve uniform, and the glass contact will be more docile. While the frameless wiper has no support, use the entire wiper blade itself to add pressure, this is equivalent to all stress points, so the boneless wiper design is more effective, compared with traditional wiper, but also help to improve the best vision.

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