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The Best Way to Clean Your Flat Multi-Function Wiper Blades

Oct 27, 2020

The most efficient way to keep your windows in good condition is to use the right products and the right cleaning products to keep your flat multi-function wiper blades clean and in top shape. There are a number of different types of wiper blades and each one requires a specific type of cleaner and a certain amount of care to keep them running as smoothly as possible and without getting clogged. You also need to have a product that is designed to not only get rid of any debris on them but will also prevent them from becoming clogged in the first place. Here are some of the best brands of cleaners for your blades that you can buy to help keep them in good working order and help you keep your air conditioning unit running at its optimum performance.

As the name itself indicates, these blades do not only wiper but they also scrub as well. They are designed to get into all corners of the window and remove the dust and dirt that may be on the inside or outside of the glass. One thing that is important to remember when using one of these blades is that they should never be used in the shower. Some people believe that using a brush on their blades to clean it might actually cause them to clog. This is why you should never use a toothbrush to scrub the blades. A sponge or cloth is the best way to go about this.


Vacuum cleaners are often the best way to get rid of the build-up in your blades. Some people choose to use a vacuum cleaner that is designed specifically for the job, but if you don't have a vacuum that is this specific, you might want to use a regular vacuum. These types of vacuums come with several different attachments for different parts of the window that needs cleaning. For example, you can attach a piece of cloth to a vacuum for the inside of the window, an adjustable brush attachment for the outside of the window and a special filter to catch particles that can become lodged in your machine.

To use a tool such as this, simply attach the small piece of fabric to the back of the unit with a string or a sewing needle. You can use this type of product to clean the windows on either the outside or the inside of the window. After attaching the fabric, you will then need to use the vacuum attachment to vacuum the outside of the window while the fabric is attached.

It is important that you remember to carefully pull the thread that attaches the thread to the unit to the small part of the blade. because this is what allows the vacuum to suck up the particles and then make them fall into a bag which you can throw away after you are done cleaning. This is another reason that you want to stay away from using a scrubber or brush on these units.

There are other types of cleaning products on the market that you can use to help keep your blades running smoothly. However, these two are the best types of products and can give your unit a professional looking look every time. If you feel that you have no options left, you can purchase a vacuum cleaner specifically made for cleaning these units, but this is something you will want to consider first.