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The 123rd Canton Fair undertakes the necessary little knowledge. Are you ready to welcome it?

Apr 11, 2018

The 123rd Canton FairSpring first issue: April 15-19, 2018 

venue: China Import and Export Commodities Fair Pavilion


Guangzhou fair exhibitors introductio

1: Record carefully

The key points of each transaction core , such as the date , the time , the customer ' s needs , the delivery port , the product of interest , the specification and the color of the customer , are recorded in the customer ' s conversation . The customer is sincere and sincere , and the caller is a guest , both European and small - state customers .

2:The professional decision won ' t win

In fact , the effect of the transaction site , the professional ability of the salesman is very important , such as understanding of the product knowledge , understanding of the market , especially the understanding of the competitors , can let the customer take the advantage of their products . Therefore , the salesman should improve his professional quality normally .

3 : Get business card tips

In order to get more business cards , the customer comes in , and you can ask you to exchange business cards after an exchange of greetings ? This allows you to quickly accumulate business cards and prevent them from coming in for a few seconds and running .

Or talk back , but just say I have your business card , you need to contact you , then miss a lot of clients . If you come in , the business card may be a bit abrupt , so you can also chat a few words , chat happily , directly say exchange business card , the customer is happy .

At the same time , the information of the customer can be entered into the software , and then it can be managed and developed in a centralized manner after being returned .

4 :No rush to the scene, deal.

This is very important . In fact , the real value customers are required to open the trade fair to analyze the purchase behavior . The golden week of the order is usually within 3 weeks after the end of the transaction . As long as you are effectively communicating with the customer for your products and business advantages , then you can .

5 : Booth form

Don ' t talk around when there is no visitor in the booth . If the buyer passes through your booth , and you ' re all around , no one interacts with him , and the customer is likely to walk straight through your booth . This may miss a big customer .

When there is no customer , it ' s not easy to miss any passing buyer in the face of the channel . The body language should be open and positive . Don ' t hold the arms . Don ' t shake your legs . Don ' t shake your legs . Don ' t take a nap on the table .

6 Remarks : Important customer follow - up again at night

After the customer has gone , use his spare time in the library to repeat what you ' re talking about , to give him the price of the product he asked , and to send him to him in the booth and his photo , or to more detail his questions at the show , which would help deepen your impression 

Because of a lot of exhibitors participating in the exhibition , customers to other booths can see the products that are about or better with your products . If you don ' t contact him right away , you may forget them . Therefore , you should follow up in time during the meeting . For those customers who are very interested in your booth , and leave your mobile phone number or hotel room number , you can invite him to dinner together with entertainment , further enhance the impression and fix him .