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Some knowledge about wiper

May 29, 2018

The original car has a bone wiper. Can it be replaced with no bone

If the original car has a bone wiper, it can be replaced by a boneless wiper. Note, however, that it depends on the pressure of the wiper bracket. For example, some Japanese cars have lower pressure on wiper supports. If we use boneless wipers, there may be unclear wipers for a long time. If this is the case, it is recommended that the traditional bone wiper be used; if the support pressure is high, the wiper tape can be pressed on the glass surface, so that the effect of the boneless wiper can be better reflected


What about putting a wiper up?

In summer high temperatures, or on snowy days, we often see a lot of vehicle wipers have been erected, what is this? It turns out that at noon in the summer, the surface temperature of windscreen glass in front of the car can reach more than 50 degrees, and if the wiper is exposed to the sun for a long time, it may deform the rubber of the windshield. In the cold winter, a wiper can be erected to prevent it from freezing on the front windshield.

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In the case of rain brush , it can be said that it is an old - fashioned question . It belongs to wearing parts . When it is not clean and abnormal , it is necessary to carry out cleaning , renovation or direct replacement . In addition , I don ' t need to be dedicated to the scraping of bone - free wipers . If the original vehicle is equipped with bone rain scraping , the bracket pressure of the original vehicle should also be observed when replacing the bone - free wiper , so that it is not applicable after the replacement .