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Replacement method of wiper rubber strip

May 03, 2018

Replacement method of wiper rubber strip

  Stand up the wiper and press the square button on the wiper to remove the wiper from the metal pendulum. Then put a soft cloth on the wiper's arm or wrap it with a soft cloth, or a napkin, so as not to hurt the glass surface and gently return to the windscreen glass.

  Take the wiper indoors. You'd better clean it thoroughly once and put it clean. Remove the bought wiper tape from the package and soak it in soapy water to lubricate it to make it easier to install.

   Pick up the wiper, hold the wiper tape on one side with your finger, pull it back and forth, and you'll find that one side can pull and the other side won't move. Find the side that won't move, use a thin word screwdriver to pry the plastic plug on the side of the wiper, be careful not to break it. 

  The effect of disassembly At this time you can see a small metal hook on the head of the wiper bite on the original tape, fixed, so this side of the tape can not pull, with a small word screwdriver gently pry the metal hook up. At this time no metal hook fixed tape can be pulled out. Replace the new tape soaking in soapy water and gently clamp the metal hook with pliers to bite the new tape. Finally cover the plastic plug, such a wiper will be replaced. The two took a total of twenty minutes, and it took some time to push the new tape in. 

  It was not known whether the wiper of the Fox car was tight or that I had bought the thick tape. When installing wipers, pay attention to the fact that the wipers are divided, not confused, because the wipers are designed to be asymmetrical and sloping, in order to reduce wind dryness while driving. It is recommended that you keep your position and direction in mind before you remove it.   

  Water spray to test the effect, very clean and new wiper.