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Mistakes in wiper use

May 04, 2018

   A good wiper should not leave a trace of a trace. If it produces a trace, it means that the wiper is not good. This is wrong, because if there is any small amount of particulate matter on the glass, there will be a silk of water. And a small amount of light water is a normal phenomenon. Because you're not guaranteed to be completely dustless, the light water will evaporate immediately, will not have any effect on driving, in standard wiper tests, it will produce extremely small traces of water that do not affect the line of sight and a small amount of water that does not affect the line of sight. Is within normal range. 

  Think wiper should be used for several years, this is wrong. Wipers are consumables on cars and rubber products. Rubber can age or damage under conditions such as open air, sun, sun, and water. What's more, the rubber strip of the wiper is often rubbed on the outer surface of the glass. Even expensive wipers are also consumables, so it is suggested that wipers should be replaced by six checks, that is, once a month and once a year, in order to clear the sight of the driver and reduce the number of safety accidents. Even good quality Odyssey wipers are no exception!

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