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Matters needing attention in use China Benz Original Wiper

Mar 27, 2018

Matters needing attention in use China Benz Original Wiper

Benz 5 Series

Benz 5 Series

Benz GLK,CLS E class

Benz GLK,CLS E class 

1. The key to a  China Benz Original Wiperr is that the rubber wiper can maintain sufficient wettability. Only with sufficient wettability, can the  China Benz Original Wiper have excellent toughness to maintain close contact with window glass.

Very simple truth, a rice dried on the bowl, if it does not soak soft, not to say wash the dishes, even with a hard to scratch, can not scratch off. The use of wipers, is the same. Many car friends often complain that the wiper is not clean, That's the truth.

2. China Benz Original Wiper, as its name implies, is used for wiping rain, not for scraping mud.

So using the wiper correctly, not only can prolong the service life of the wiper, the key is to maintain good sight effectively, and it is more beneficial to driving safety. I know about the correct use of the wiper.

3, so no garage, should form every morning before the car, with wet cloth to wipe the front window habit.

After one night, the wiper is dry. I want to use the wiper to clean up the ash accumulated overnight on the front window. This dry grinding is not only difficult to achieve good results, but also easy to damage the wiper. The correct method is: after the wet cloth has been wiped, Because good glass washing water is volatile, it can quickly dry the window surface, thus avoiding wet glass dust and mud.

4. Car owners with garages should form the habit of cleaning up front windows every night when they return to the garage.

Especially when you come back from the rain, the droplets are deposited on the front window, and the second is dried into a water stain in the morning, and then the dust is added to it. The front window is very difficult to be scraped clean by wipers alone. If you use a wet wiper the night before, Scrape the front window clean. The next morning, it will be easy and clean to drive on the road.

5, drive the way, drop small raindrops, do not rush to open the wiper.

At this time the water on the front window is insufficient, and the wiper wiper is dry, which will only have the opposite effect. The mud stains on the front window will be difficult to scrape clean again. If the raindrops accumulate slowly and do not affect the line of sight, It is best to turn on the wiper until more rain spots accumulate on the front window. Use the wiper in the light rain, preferably after spraying the glass wash water before starting to scratch (the glass spray water can be used more than just stop the car). It can also be used in driving to make sure there is enough water on the front window to moisten the wiper.

6, wiper had better use the second gear, continuous back and forth scraping.

Some motorcyclists like to use intermittent patterns to scratch when light rain, which is not good. Drive on the road, not only to prevent the rain in the sky, but also to prevent the mud from the car in front of you. Intermittent mode can easily scratch the front window into a muddy pattern, seriously affecting the line of sight.

The road has stopped raining. Don't turn off the wiper in a hurry.

The truth is the same as above, when the front window is splattered with mud from the front car, then hurriedly open the wiper, and then become scraper.


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