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I don't believe you know anything about car wipers.

Aug 14, 2018

Wipers are the basic parts of a car, and most owners often deal with them. Don't underestimate the little wiper, there is a lot of knowledge in it. In addition, wiper if there is a problem, will directly affect the safety of driving. Therefore, remind everyone to pay attention to wiper attention and maintenance!

First, how many types of wipers are common? What is the difference? 

1, the wiper is divided into two types according to the operation mode and angle: the opposite type wiper and the parallel type wiper. 

> the opposite type wiper: the left and right synchronous wiper style wiper. 

> parallel type wiper: namely left and right cross brush way wiper.


2. Wipers are also divided into two types according to their structure and structure: bony (traditional) wipers and boneless wipers.

Bony (traditional) wipers: it is characterized by the use of several supporting points on the skeleton to press the wiper on the glass. Because of its structure, the pressure distribution is not uniform, so the whole wiper is not United with the glass, which can cause wear and tear inconsistency (for a long time, Some places are clean and some places are not clean), such as loud noise. 


> Bones wipers: wipers are kept in a certain arc through built-in steel bars, and the pressure is distributed more evenly, and the wiper fits more closely with the glass. Uniform force can achieve better scrape effect, at the same time the noise will be smaller.