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How to use wipers correctly

Apr 04, 2018

How to use wipers correctly



The water on the glass can be pushed away by a smooth wiper strip. If there is a scratch, rupture or breach on the tape, the glass will have water marks.And the various kinds of dirt on the glass is the culprit that causes the rubber strip damage, imagine the glass that the surface stains adheres to the sand grain is not like a piece of sandpaper, when the rubber strip returns to rub back and forth on such sandpaper, can you get hurt soon?

  1. Before driving, the pull wiper drops the attached gravel and scrubbs the windshield, which can greatly prolong the service life of the inch wiper.

  2. When you reach your destination, clean the glass so that the mud will not stick to the windshield.

  3. The windshield is not washed for a long time, and the automobile exhaust gas is contaminated with oil pollution, so the dirt should be removed in time, and the neutral cleaner which can remove the oil pollution without harming the rubber wiper should be used.

  4. Automatic car wash water all contain water wax, will cause glass surface dry and astringent, produce abnormal sound.

  5. Wiper water tank with a moderate amount of neutral wiper essence.6. Wiper rubber strips are vulnerable to scraping times, exhaust gases, environmental pollution, and accelerated aging, especially when cars are often parked in the hot outdoor sun. Depending on the situation, about

  6. Months to 1 year will deteriorate and crack.Because the wiper rubber strip is rubber products, is consumable, should be replaced in time, after maintenance of driving safety.