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How to use the wiper correctly?

Sep 21, 2018

How to use the wiper correctly?


Discount Multifunctional Windscreen Soft Wiper Blades For Chevrolet Lacetti.jpgToday, with the development of the automotive industry, wiper technology is very mature, but this device that is essential for driving in rainy days is not innate. From the birth of the first modern car in 1885 to the beginning of the twentieth century, there was no device such as a wiper on the car. The driver had to open the window when driving in the rain, often because of the inability to see the accident on the road.

During the daily car wash and maintenance process, the owner did not clean the glass well, resulting in some dirt and deposits on the front windshield of the car, which led to a decrease in the glass finish. At this time, the owner used the best wiper. If the glass is not cleaned, it will not only affect the driving sight of the owner, but also damage the wiper.

If the wiper is not cleaned due to the angle problem, the owner only needs to debug it. Debugging method: Hold the wiper with the wrench and then gently turn it to the vertical position. If it doesn't work, then the pressure on the wiper is too high, and the spacing between the springs is good.