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How To Take Off Wiper Blades?

Aug 14, 2020

If you do not, you will have problems with your vision and may even see scratches on your windscreen. Windscreen wipers come in several sizes, and if you use the wrong one, they don't fit or they don't work properly. 

Remove old wipers: To remove an old wiper blade, make sure the wiper arm is in position. Push a small tab into the windscreen wipers where it hits the arm and gently lift it away from the windscreen. Pull the wiper blades down and remove the old wiper blade. 


Put the curved part of the J-hook into the top opening of the wiper blade and pull it upwards until it settles. Make sure the blade is properly fastened and then guide it with the "J" hook. Then gently lower your arm to the windscreen and insert the wiper blade. 

Place the curved part of the J hook in the upper opening of your wiper blade and pull it upwards until it engages. Then execute it with the "J" hook and gently lower your arm towards the windscreen and insert the wiper blade. 

Once you have removed the windscreen wiper mount from the window, slide out the old wiper blades and turn them so that they are perpendicular to the windscreen and push them out of the way. Turn it around the mounting brackets and guide the "wiper arm" so that the rubber blade is away from the arm. 

It is not necessary to remove the wiper arm to replace the rear wiper blades for each type of vehicle. If the rear wiper blades of the vehicle are not switched off, they lose their effectiveness. You can replace them by lifting the "wiper arm" of the window, turning the old wiper blades outwards to "pull them off" and then turning the new blades in the same direction until they snap into place. 

If the windscreen is not yet clear after cleaning the blades and using the wipers, you can replace them at any time. 

When the ignition switch is on, move the wiper lever to the off position by setting it to ON position and then switch the wipers on. 

Finally, lift the wiper lever out of the fog position you are in and release the new wipers and plug them into the wiper arm by clicking them into place. Check the wipers by switching them on and off and using the water from your windscreen washers to lubricate the glass surface. 

If the blade slips off, switch off the windscreen wipers and fix the device more firmly. 

If necessary, use a razor blade to remove stubborn dirt on the windscreen that can damage the rubber of the new windshield wipers. It is better to replace the wiper blades in pairs, but it is a good habit to be sure that you are replacing them in pairs, and do not forget to replace the rear wiper if you have one. Clean your windshield thoroughly before installing new blades and use razor blades if necessary. 

They do not have the luxury of playing around with the packaging or dropping a wiper arm and pushing it off the windscreen, potentially causing the windscreen to scratch or tear. Use a razor blade to shave the glass, but it won't scratch if it's angled properly. 

Lift the windshield wiper, locate the release device and thread the arm through the slot, then turn it vertically and finally pull it slightly to fix it. Start parallel to the arms, turn the blade perpendicular to them and lift, lift and lift, starting at the top and then perpendicular. 

Once you have removed the old wiper blade from the arm, close the shutter release tab, listen to an audible click sound, and insert the new blade. Once you confirm that the blade is now properly installed, you hear a kind of audible "click" or feel that you are snapping. 

Now you can switch on the ignition again and put the wiper blade back in the windscreen and if so, bring it back into position. 

The frequency of wiper blades varies depending on the type of blade in your car, although wiper blades generally outlast conventional blades. The size of the wiper blades can vary greatly depending on the vehicle, so make sure you have the right size. Driver - Side wiper blades are often longer than passenger sides, and the driver's side wipers are larger. One of the most important things about replacing your Ford wiper blades is to make sure you get the right size for your vehicle, not just for the driver and passenger side. 

A general reduction in road visibility is a good indicator of the need to replace wiper blades. The best way to monitor the intervals for wiper blade replacement is to have them checked every time you change the oil.