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How to solve the problem of the wiper?

Oct 26, 2018


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Every day, driving a wiper is essential, but many riders find that after using the wiper for a period of time, there will be such small problems, such as not clean, abnormal noise, how to solve these problems?

If the wiper strip is aged or rough and has dirt attached, there will be scratches on the glass. In this case, just wipe the wiper strips or the attached dirt with a rag, then gently rub it with fine sandpaper. Also note that when washing the car, be sure to clean some stubborn stains on the outside surface of the glass.

If you find that the wiper does not spray water, check the spray bottle for water, whether the nozzle is blocked, or whether the spray motor can work normally. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of the wiper. It is best to open the wiper while flushing the brush to avoid dry brushing of the wiper, otherwise the wiper's hair will shorten the life.

If the wiper is not cleaned due to the angle problem, then use the wrench to clamp the wiper, then gently turn it to adjust the vertical state of the wiper. If there is still a problem, it means that the internal wiper pressure is too great, as long as the distance between the springs is relaxed.