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How to solve the problem of abnormal noise and beating of wiper

Mar 31, 2018

How to solve the problem of abnormal noise and beating of wiper

  There may be four reasons for the abnormal sound of the wiper: one is the aging of the rubber strip of the wiper; the other is the accumulation of dirt on the edge of the rubber strip of the wiper; the third is the dirt on the surface of the front shield; the fourth is that the temperature is too low to make the rubber strip hard;Fifth, frequent use of wipers (such as dry wipers) under abnormal conditions.Youxin second-hand car hint, if the wiper is abnormal, the owner can "wipe toothpaste" way to solve.The concrete steps are as follows: 1 extrude toothpaste strip and smear it on the corner of wet towel.

  Wipers, which belong to vulnerable parts, basically need to be cleaned, renovated or directly replaced when they are shaved uncleanly and have abnormal noises. When you buy wipers, you can buy them at some brand flagship stores. According to the size and the corresponding interface can be purchased.

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