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how to remove wiper blades

May 10, 2019

how to remove wiper blade


1.How to use wiper tape correctly?

    Wiper quality is good or not, mainly depends on whether it scraped clean, such as whether there are residual water marks, there is no noise, or wiper strips have a beating phenomenon and so on. If the above problems occur, do not rush to change the rain scraper, first check the use of the environment and then make a judgment. 

    Generally, the service life of wiper is 2 years, of course, the service life is determined by the use environment, for example, parked in the open parking lot for a long time, the wiper strip has been exposed to the sun for a long time, and even a lot of dust or bird dung is left on the glass. Resin and other substances, do not clean up the direct use of wiper, will affect the life of wiper strip. At the same time, unclean glass will also lead to wiper strip beating, and even scraping glass, this situation can try to clean the glass with cleaning agent to solve the problem. 

2.Improper use will also damage the wiper tape 

     If neither the glass nor the wiper strip has impurity foreign bodies but still beats, it depends on whether the front windshield has been smeared with rain enemies. If not evenly smeared, even if the naked eye looks very clean, but also will let the wiper beat, the solution is only one solution, is to smear the glass again rain enemies, smear evenly. Well, if the car is very clean, have you ever smeared rain enemies, but still can't scrape clean, then your wiper strip should be replaced!