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How To Remove Windshield Wiper Blade?

Jul 06, 2020

Windscreen wipers come in different sizes, but if you use the wrong one, they don't fit and they don't work properly. If you do not, you will have vision problems and may even see scratches on your windscreen. 

The first thing you need to do is lift the wiper arm off the windscreen and gently lift it off the windscreen. Remove the old windshield wiper, press a small tab on the windshield wiper where it hits the arm. If you pull it down, you slide it back and forth and then gently push it out of the windshield. 

This facilitates the work and allows you to determine what type of wiper blade you currently have. As soon as you remove the blade and press the lever, it slips out of the windshield and out of the windshield when you release it from the lower connection. 


To remove this type of blade, take a flat head screwdriver and press the spring locking button and remove the nut. Once the nuts are sufficiently loosened, turn them in your hand or remove the ratchet and place them on the floor. 

Place the nuts somewhere safe so you can use them again to attach a new wiper arm. Lift the wiper blade arm off the windshield and grab it with one hand and press it until it detaches from the drive rod. 

If the wiper arm is set vertically, pay attention to the joints connecting the rubber assembly of the wiper arms. Gradually lift the wiper arm of a windscreen wiper from the windscreen and lift it vertically. I recommend putting a towel over the windscreen wipers to protect the glass, but it is recommended to place the towel as close to the windscreen as possible to the front of the car to avoid causing any damage. 

To push the joints and tabs down, take the other hand and gently press it onto the rubber construction and remove it. 

You may need to move the blade slightly until it is completely released and then pull it away from the arm. This blade fits into any vehicle equipped with a 9x3J hook wiper arm, but to remove this type, simply lift the blade locking lever and push it back to the rear of the car to its base. 

It comes with several additional connectors that allow assembly in 98% of vehicles, and it is available in a variety of colors. 

If you drive a Mazda3 5-door hatchback, the rear wipers are located on the left side of the windshield. When the wiper arm is lifted, turn the wiper blade to unlock it, remove it and remove the wiper blades. 

The old windshield wiper can be removed by pressing with the right hand and then with the left hand on the right side of the blade. You have to push the rubber of the blades out of the holder, remove all metal stiffeners and then place the stiffeners over the new blade. The new blades are fastened by inserting the rocker arm into the opening in the middle of each blade, and you can pull them up until you hear them click. 

Lower the arm down into the windshield and repeat the process with the other arm and then again with the right and left hands up. 

L Lift the wiper arm of your AudiTT and place a towel over it and the windscreen and lift it. Follow the steps below to install a fresh pair of wipers and blades in the vehicle. I hope this guide will help you next time you need to replace your car's windscreen wipers. 

Hold the windshield arm tight with the adapter and pull out the wiper blade and protect the glass until it falls back into place. If the arm were to come loose and hit the windshield, it would break the glasses and damage the windshield wipers. 

Follow these steps to install and remove Bosch rear wipers in your Ford Focus RS, Toyota Prius, and other high-quality vehicles. 

If your vehicle's rear wiper blade does not receive the right amount of airflow, it loses its effectiveness. It is not necessary to remove the wiper arm to replace the rear wiper blade for each type of vehicle. You can replace it by lifting the wiper arm away from the window, turning the old wiper blade outwards before removing it, and then turning the new blade until it snaps into place. 

A dirty wiper blade rod can cause the wiper arm to fail and damage your vehicle's air conditioning system. 

Use one hand to stabilize the new wiper arm by tightening the screws to make sure it is not bent, and use the other to attach the wiper blade post. Googled to align it with the crayon mark you made on the windshield after removing the original wing blade arm. This makes it easier to install the wiper arms and reduces the risk of damage to your vehicle's air conditioning system.