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how to put on wiper blades

May 18, 2019

      how to put on wiper blades

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    Car wiper is a very important part of the car, but also easy to consume and wear. Often need to change, go to the 4s store, the price is high, it takes time! In fact, wiper film is very easy to change, so I will talk to you today about how to do it and change wipers! Note: because my car is a general u interface, I can only talk to you about the installation method of u interface.

    We will prepare the required materials first. A pair of wipers, one ultra-fine fiber towel and one car.

    1.Wipe the front glass with a towel before installation. The main purpose is to remove the sundries above and the scratches left by the old wiper. Wipe the towel and place the towel between the wiper rocker arm and the glass contact point. The main purpose is to prevent the glass from being broken by accident during installation. 

    2.Lift the wiper, remove the lid above, some new wipers are pinched from both sides of the back lid will pop open, specifically how to open, their own observation.

    3.After the lid is opened, the gesture is shown! Pull the wiper rocker arm out of the wiper. Be careful not to crush the wiper rocker arm. 

    4.After the old wiper has been removed, gently place the wiper rocker arm on top of the towel. Remember never to let it bounce back on its own.

    5.Take out the new wiper and remember to remove the tape cover above the wiper.

    6.Open the lid on the new wiper and place the rocker arm u-shaped joint in the wiper card slot. 

    7.U-joint to put into the slot, and then pull a little hard. I heard a note that had been installed. Some do not have a sound, their own observation can also see whether there is in place.

    8.After installation, cover the lid, gently put down the wiper, and take off the towel. You can enjoy the sense of achievement brought by your own hands! Remember not to hang up!