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How to properly protect the wiper?

Jul 02, 2018

How to properly protect the wiper?


Wipers are rubber products that, like other rubber products, age. If you want to use it for a long time and scrape it clean, you must carry out the necessary maintenance on a regular basis. What we call the maintenance of the wiper is mainly to keep the wiper blade clean, to avoid excessive dirt on the wiper strip, and not to mix foreign matter. If the wiper is mixed with foreign matter, it will not be cleaned, not only speeding up the aging of the wiper strip, but also easily scratching the front windshield.


The correct way is that we should remove the foreign matter and dirt from the wiper strip every time we wash the car or regularly. It is best to wash it with water and then wipe the wiper strip with cotton cloth or paper towel, so that it is not only clean, but also It takes a long time. Glass water is very cheap, don't want to use it. Especially on sunny days, do not dry up a bit of floating soil, use it with glass water, otherwise it will seriously damage the rubber of the wiper.


High Quality Windshield Wipers Blades Bone Frame Best Rated.jpgThe vehicle is parked under the scorching sun. The temperature of the front windshield is very high. The wiper strips that are close to the glass will accelerate the aging due to the high temperature. Therefore, when the vehicle is parked in the outdoor parking lot, we can erect the wiper to reduce the contact between the wiper strip and the hot glass to extend the life of the wiper. Some car owners always like to buy a 1-2 inch long when replacing the wiper blade, and feel that the scraping area is larger and the effect is better. In fact, this is wrong. When the wiper blade is too long, it may wear the A-pillar trim or the front windshield cover, which can cause resonance and abnormal noise. The special size of the car is the correct choice.