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How to properly maintain the wiper blade?

Sep 05, 2018

How to properly maintain the wiper blade?


Patented New All In One Multifunctional Wiper Blade.jpgThe wiper consists of a motor, a reducer, a four-bar linkage, a wiper arm spindle, a wiper blade assembly, etc. The power source comes from the motor, which is the core of the entire wiper system. When the driver presses the switch of the wiper, the motor starts, the speed of the motor drives the swing arm through the deceleration and twisting of the worm gear, the swing arm drives the four-bar linkage mechanism, and the four-bar linkage mechanism drives the rotating shaft mounted on the front wall to swing left and right. Finally, the windshield wipes the windshield by the rotating shaft.

The wiper must be used in the presence of rain. Waterless use increases frictional resistance and damages the rubber blade and wiper motor! Dry cleaning is usually more expensive. If there is any foreign matter such as dried bird droppings on the windshield, do not use a wiper to scrape directly. This will cause partial damage to the wiper blade, which will cause the wiper to wipe off the rain.

Keep the wiper blade clean. If the wiper blade is attached to sand, it will scratch the glass and cause damage to itself. In general, it is best to replace the rubber strip once a year. If the city is rainy or the use is not good, it can be replaced twice a year. It is an important condition to ensure the safety of driving in order to eliminate the rain brush failure and replace the aging wiper. Drivers and friends, please take care of the wiper blades to make it better for the rainy days!