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How to make the wiper clean?

Jul 13, 2018

How to make the wiper clean?


Original wiper blade for BWM 7 Series.jpgFirst of all, put two wipers up. Insert the key, turn the key to turn on the power, do not start the car, then turn off the power, pull out the key, and then push the wiper handle on the right side of the steering wheel. Both wipers will rotate and stay in the upright position. At this time, you can lift the wiper by hand, that is, put the wiper up.

The length of the two wipers is different. Remember the two positions and don't reverse when you put them back. Press the square tab of the wiper with your left thumb and pull the wiper out with the right hand in the direction. Two wipers were removed. Use a 2000 mesh water sandpaper. Tear the water sandpaper into small pieces, and use a small piece each time. Immerse the wiper and water sandpaper with clean water, and rub the wiper strip with water sandpaper while dipping.

Note that the wiper strip is like a kitchen knife. You not only need to grind the two sides of the strip, but also properly grind the front edge of the strip. The time does not need to be very long, about 5 minutes, it will be fine. Do not reverse the position of the long and short wiper when installing. Installed, turn on the power, and then move the wiper handle down again, and the two wipers will return.