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How to maintenance the wiper blade in the hot summer weather

Jul 10, 2019

How to maintenance the wiper blade in the hot summer weather

Rain scraping summer maintenance skills hot summer has arrived, accompanied by summer thunderstorm weather, the test has been resting a winter wiper. But whenever you need a wiper, you find that there is a problem with it-the wiper is not clear and the wiper is noisy. In order to have a clear driving vision in this long summer, let's learn how to maintain and use the wiper correctly today.

  1. Guide for the maintenance and use of the wiper How to clean the wiper correctly:

    The rain is not clear, first of all, we should check the wiper blade for stains. We should use plain water to clean the wiper blade and wipe off the dirt on the wiper blade in one direction while flushing. Never use a high-pressure water gun to blow up the rain, and do not use detergent and the like to make the rubber aged.

    wash the rubber

2.>Parking in the open-air parking lot in the hot sun should lift the rain: 

the vehicle is parked in the hot sun, the windshield temperature is very high, can reach 50 degrees Celsius. The wiper tape, which was originally attached to the windshield, will age faster because of the high temperature. Therefore, when the vehicle is parked in the outdoor parking lot, we should hoist the wiper to avoid the contact between the wiper tape and the hot glass, and prolong the service life of the wiper.


3.>Please add wiper cleaning agent:

 there are many kinds of wiper cleaning agent on the market, which provides lubrication and cleaning function when wiper water. This detergent does not accelerate the rubber aging of wiper tape, and can improve the wiping effect of wiper. The wiper cleaning agent only needs to be added to the wiper kettle in a certain proportion when the wiper water is added.


4.>Please use special car cleaner: 

general household laundry soap or detergent and other cleaning products will contain ammonia or chlorine, which will lead to accelerated aging of rubber. Do not try to be cheap when washing cars, but use general cleaners. Use special cleaners to protect the wiper and other rubber parts of the car.?