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How to maintain the wiper after COVID-19 in the hot summer days

May 20, 2020

     wiper for us to scrape the rain on the front block glass, so that our vision to see wider and brighter, but also rainy night travel safety. So having a good-working wiper is essential for every old driver to travel. So how to maintain the wiper in the wind and sun?

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Step 1. Sufficient glass water

The wiper is most afraid of dry scraping, dry scraping increases the resistance between the wiper blade and the front block glass, long time will increase the pressure of the wiper blade, resulting in wiper rubber strip cracking, fold, but also will increase the pressure of the wiper motor, resulting in motor burning.

Frame wiper blade     The second step, before starting the wiper spray glass water, the front block glass wet, if there is rain infiltration in rainy days, can directly start the wiper cleaning front block glass.

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   Step 3, gently lift the wiper arm during each car wash, then scrub the wiper strips with glass water or car wash foam water

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Step 4, prepare a rag in the car. If there is dried bird droppings or thick soil on the front glass, do not use a wiper to clean it.

METO wiper blade factoryStep 5, if the vehicle parked under the tree leaves floating down on the glass, please do not lazy, with their own hands to remove the leaves, or direct use of the wiper will stick the leaves between the wiper blade and glass, not only damage the glass will cause the wiper blade deformation cracking.

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Step 6: Try to park your vehicle in a place where the wind doesn't blow and the sun does n' t work, especially when it's hot in the summer

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Step 7, in the vehicle equipped with mineral water, paper towels and rags, see the glass on the foreign body, work hard, walk a few steps, do not be afraid of trouble.

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Step 8, the wiper is not clear, timely replacement, road safety is the first.

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Points for attention

Although the wiper is easily damaged, but the normal maintenance is essential

The same Kaka wiper can be used for 1-2 years, some people use 3 months to replace, this is the difference between maintenance and non-maintenance