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How to install the wiper correctly?

Mar 30, 2018

     How to install the wiper correctly?

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A, pull up the wiper arm, remove the old wiper;


B, gently put the rocker arm down on the glass with foam or cardboard (remember: prevent the wiper arm from taking the glassBroken or scratched)


C, according to the type of rocker arm on the car, choose the appropriate parts from the package, and be sure to hear "cut" when installingChirp to make sure it's installed on your wiper;


D, due to the design of different manufacturers of wiper and brush head assembly size of 11mm to 12mm / 15mm, so will encounterTo the assembly mismatch condition, Meitu except bus wiper for 15mm, the rest of the series are all 12mm;

E,Please refer to the installation instructions provided on the back of the package for installation of the wiper and ensure that it is securely mounted on the wiper rocker armUp;

F, clean the glass surface before loading the wiper, remove the wax, oil, dust, etc.Objects;


G, for rubber knife edge silver powder series, before the formal brush dry brush 1020 cycles, and then spray wiping;


I,If the wiper is not clean, use a clean rag to clean the rubber blade from top to bottom.