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How To Fix Wiper Blades From Streaking?

Sep 16, 2020

If it is more than a year since you changed your windshield wipers, you will probably get a new pair. Often you see streaky traces in the path of the chattering leaves, skip movement patterns, make a screeching noise, or do not wipe gently. The sound of a windscreen wiper chirping on the glass windshield not only creaks, but it also means that water is not wiped away efficiently. If you actually need them, but they don't work properly, think a little and you will see stripes and markings along the paths of the sharp knives. 

If you notice dirt in one direction, even if it is not cold, it means that the wiper blade is either old, hard, or the wrong size. 

A quick check with a tape measure helps, but if you need a wiper blade change in your car, ask the experts at Bosch Eco - Wiper if you can get a replacement as quickly as possible. If you cannot find the owner's manual, you will find the wiper blade size in your vehicle with a blade size viewfinder. They are marked fairly accurately by length and inches, so we can be sure that you will find the right one for our vehicle. And when we shop online, don't forget that you could always use a Wiper Blade search tool to find out the right blade and even get it to fit. 


We do not have replacement rubber for the wiper blade in stock, but If you want it and it is usually actually available, it will be available to you the next working day. For those who cannot be fixed by hand, our selection of excellent Wiper blades is of great value. 

Visit our Auto Glass Service Centre and pay for a tour by one of our experts. You can view your vehicle's manual and remove your existing wiper blade or drag it to your local U-shaped drawer and we can help you choose the parts to make. 

Whatever the cause, let one of our technicians know that you have problems with your windshield wipers. It is important that we investigate all problems with your wiper blades and fix the problem as soon as possible. If you can't spot the problem and your windscreen is not damaged, it's time to call a professional windshield repair company. 

Fortunately, the replacement of the windscreen wiper blades is a cost-effective and quick repair that can be carried out comfortably at home. Most drivers can change their own wiper blades, so in most cases, it is not necessary to buy an expensive one. You can also save money by replacing the wiper blades yourself if you use silicone blades. 

This step takes a little, but it is worth it because it improves visibility and increases the performance of the wiper blades. If you find that there are strips or missing areas or that the blades do not contain dirt or dirt, it is time to find out whether the new wiper blades are actually working. Even the cheapest wiper blade models work well in the first few weeks, and only high-quality materials will work as expected after that. If you see signs of this condition during your monthly wiper inspection, you should consider replacing the wiper blades if the stripes and uneven wiping make your path unsafe. 

UV light from the sun, the wiper blades may have hardened and need to be replaced, or they will simply get old and harden. 

It is important to be more careful at this time of year to cause potential damage to the blades, as the important rubber parts of the wiper blades become stiff and brittle in colder weather, and it is important that you be more careful about causing potential damage to your blades at any time of the year. Depending on where you have recently parked your vehicle, if simply dirty, the windscreen wipers can leave streaks or greases on the windscreen, especially if they either need to be replaced or you need to replace them. If a lubricant film occurs in one direction only, this usually means that you may have replaced it, but if it occurs in several directions, such as the front, back, or front of your car, this can cause problems. Salt and sand can also scratch and dry out the wiper blades, causing cracks and crevices, which will definitely affect the blade's function. 

If your windshield wipers are not working effectively, it can be very dangerous to drive, especially if you are raining heavily. Not to mention the greases and greases that block your view, and if your windshield wipers do not work effectively, you will make your ride very dangerous. 

Car owners should always be aware of the general signs indicating that they need to replace their windscreen wipers. If you take the time to see how many vehicles have streaks or torn wiper blades each time, you will be surprised how many drivers never bother to find out. It is important to recognize these signs when you are about to replace your wiper blades, so you are not caught with a windshield wiper that is not working.