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How to distinguish the good or bad of the wiper blade?

Mar 04, 2019

    1, pull up the wiper and touch the cleaned rubber wiper with your finger to check for damage and elasticity of the rubber blade. If the blade aging, hardening, cracks appear, then this wiper is not qualified need to be replaced in time.

        2, put the wiper switch at various speed positions, check whether the rain brush at different speeds maintain a certain speed. Especially in the intermittent working state, also pay attention to whether the wiper in motion to maintain a certain speed. 

        3, wiper in wiping, if the left and right swings are uneven, there is noise or abnormal beating; The wiper strip does not fully fit the windshield surface, the scraping is not clean, the water film appears, the fine stripes and the status quo residue all indicate that the wiper is damaged or not up to standard. 

        4, you can also tell the good or bad of the wiper by listening to the sound, when the wiper motor "buzzing" and unable to rotate, indicate where the mechanical transmission part of the wiper is rusted or stuck, and then turn off the wiper switch immediately, and the wiper switch should be turned off immediately when the wiper motor is "buzzing" and unable to rotate. In order to prevent the burning of the motor, the wiper is not up to standard. 

       If the wiper is not qualified, it will directly affect the driver's driving line of sight. The rain and snow days are not very good, if the wiper is not strong, it will pose a great threat to the driving safety.