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How to clean the wiper?

Jul 06, 2018

How to clean the wiper?


Rainy days can be said that the wiper is essential for driving, so that the owner can clearly see the road when driving, think about it, if the road suddenly rains, open the wiper and find that the rain is not clean, affecting the driving Safety. Indeed, the wiper is a long-term, non-maintenance component. If it is used for a long time, it will be scratched. If it is not clean, what should we do?


Car Accessories Rear Windscreen Soft Wipers Blades Fluid For VW Glasses Size Guide.jpgFirst of all, it is not clean. Do not change the wiper immediately. In fact, many cases are not the problem of the wiper itself. First of all, check the angle and position of the wiper. If there is a problem, it will cause the wiper to shake when it is working. Of course, the vibrating wiper must not be cleaned. At this time, the angle of the wiper can be properly adjusted, and it may be scraped. There is also an oil film on the glass, and the car often runs outside, which is inevitably contaminated by oil in the air. There is oil on the windshield. How to scrape it is not clean. Splash water on the windshield. If there is any oil film, it will be discerned at a glance. If you find something, you need to clean the glass to solve it.

There is also a problem with the wiper itself, check if the wiper hardens. In the case of long-term non-use, especially in summer, the wiper is often exposed to the sun, and the wind and sun will inevitably age. After the wiper is working, observe whether it will leave some scratches. If it is obvious, it means that the wiper strip on the wiper has deteriorated and a new strip should be replaced.