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How to choose the right wiper

Mar 28, 2018

How to choose the right wiper

1.The packing box of genuine products are clear, overprint accurate, bright color, packaging and products will be marked with the product name / specifications / model / manufacturer / factory registered trademark name / site / telephone service and Chinese trademark;



2.The structure is A. The normal wiper motor is designed according to the single chip strip. Double or multiple wipers will increase the negative impact of the motor on the blows and brushes; (unless the original vehicle wiper motor design is double chip design).

B, the joints of the wiper must be flexible and free to rebound with the hand from the middle of the rubber strip.C, by hand from the rubber wiper central banding a certain tension strip will not fall off from the wing angle; (tape keep elastic)


3.Appearance: A, the surface of the wiper (stents, rivets, glue strips) smooth and smooth, fine workmanship;B, the adhesive strip has no discoloration, lack of material, spots, the knife mouth must be smooth, no bending deformation, gap;C, pay attention to whether the way the brush head is matched with the rocker arm.


4. Scraping brush: A, check the water scraping state, do not appear the swing is not smooth, the windshield wiper is not beating normally, the contact surface between the rubber and the glass surface cannot be completely attached to wipe the residue. After wiping, the glass surface presents the water film state, and the glass produces fine streaks, fog and linear residue.

B, pay attention to the abnormal noise of the motor, and fit the qualified wiper to reduce the motor burden.