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How to choose one correct wiper blade

Mar 09, 2018

A wiper, confirm the connection and specifications of strut connected wiper arm, some of the arm is fixed by screws to the rocker arm, some are used. The use of convex locking clasp vehicle wiper model reference vehicle manual.



Two, wiper rubber is aging the wipers with your fingers, after cleaning the rubber wiper blade on the touch, if the leaf aging, hardening, cracks, the wiper is not qualified.



Three, whether different wiper speed to maintain a certain speed the wiper switch in position at various speeds, especially should pay attention to in the intermittent working condition, the wiper is to maintain a certain speed.




Four, check the wiper status if the contact surface of the rubber and the glass surface is not completely fit, wipe residues, the wiper is not qualified.



Five, if the motor has no abnormal noise Wiper motor "buzz" and does not rotate, shows wiper mechanical transmission part have rust or stuck in place, then immediately turn off wiper switch, to prevent the burning of the electric motor.


Six, the wiper is not as long as possible. Some people think that the longer the length of the wiper blade, scraping the area the more, the better vision. In fact, lengthening the wiper blade length can increase visible range, but will also increase the wiper motor, wiper rod burden, to lengthen must ensure the normal work of can in no way interfere with the wiper.


To do a good job of wiper maintenance, first of all, to prevent foreign bodies from "injury." the maintainers remind vehicle owners that during normal driving, small particles such as sand will stick to the wiper and windshield. At this time it is easy to damage the smooth surface of the rain-scraper, resulting in unclean scratches. The soft cloth can be used to wipe the contact surface of the rubber strip, and the sand and dust attached to it can be removed. Let rain scraping and windshield at the same time get very good protection. In addition, different weather also has different maintenance tips. Rainy days should be washed as soon as possible after the love car, Rain Water's acid components are easy to form rubber strips aging; When cleaning glass ice and snow in winter, we can't use a wiper hard brush to cause damage to the rain-scraper; often change the inclined shape of the rubber strip contact surface to prevent from spreading deformation; when the rain-scraping is not close, we should go to the professional maintenance shop as soon as possible to adjust it. Prevent the formation of hidden safety risks