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How to choose a Bones Wiper

May 23, 2018

The boneless wiper itself is composed of four parts: wiper rubber strip, boneless wiper steel sheet, wiper sheathing and plastic parts. The support is stainless steel, steel sheet is carbon steel and the length is between 10-28 inches, the thickness is 0.80 ~ 0.90 mm, the width is generally 7.00 ~ 14.00 mm. The elasticity of the boneless wiper steel sheet is better than that of the general bone wiper steel sheet, which can reduce the jitter and wear, in addition to its uniform force, sunproof, simple structure, lighter weight and so on.

  1. Standard for material and parameters of boneless wiper steel sheet Steel: carbon steel SK-5 Hardness: HV-460~480 Length: 10 "-28" Thickness 0.80mm~0.90mm Width: 7.00mm, 14.00mm

  2. Standard for materials and parameters of brushless brushes Steel: stainless steel 430 / carbon steel Length: self-determined Thickness X width: 3.00mm (thick) x 9.00mm (wide) 3.50mm(thick) x 9.00mm (wide) 4.00mm (thick) x 9.00mm (wide) 2.60mm (thick) x 9.00mm (wide)



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