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How to change the pressure of the wiper arm?

Aug 14, 2018

How to change the pressure of the wiper arm?


Discount Multifunctional Windscreen Soft Wiper Blades For Chevrolet Lacetti.jpgBy changing the curvature of the wiper arm, the pressure of the wiper arm can be adjusted. You can bend the wiper arm by hand. Be careful not to use excessive force. The more the wiper arm bends, the greater the pressure. Straight pressure is smaller, of course, this adjustment range is not large. When adjusting, be careful that the wiper arm cannot touch the wiper except for the front end of the hook. If the problem cannot be solved by the above adjustment, and it is a one-way sound, it is a problem that the wiper is not perpendicular to the glass.

If the wiper is squeaking upwards, you can use a spanner wrench or pliers to clamp the wiper arm. A layer of cloth should be placed between the tool and the wiper arm to prevent damage to the surface of the wiper arm and twist the wiper arm. Remember to turn a little less at a time, step by step, try a few more times, and once every twist you can do a water spray test to see if there is any improvement.

If the wiper is squeaking downwards, the direction of the twist is reversed. As for judging which kind of rain is squeaking, just look at the wiper when you wipe the water, and see which wiper has a trace of water that has been beaten.