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How to buy the right wiper

Apr 09, 2018

How to buy the right wiper

  1. Confirm the connection and specification of the wiperAccording to the interface  

   the wiper is divided into general U interface and special interface. According to the skeleton, the wiper is divided into boneless wiper, three-section wiper and conventional skeleton wiper.When you buy wipers, choose the appropriate wiper according to the length of the wiper strip.Car owners had better buy the original factory specifications wiper.The pressure of the wiper arm does not necessarily conform to the non-original type of wiper.For example, if a bone wiper is upgraded to a boneless wiper, it is likely that the wiper arm pressure is low, resulting in unclean scraping.Do not buy larger size wiper, the longer wiper can increase the visual range of vision, but also increased the load of the motor, will affect the normal operation of the motor, or even burn out the wiper motor.


boneless wiper


skeleton wiper


three-section wiper

2.  Don't be greedy for cheap, pay attention to the ratio of performance to price                   In the auto parts city, Taobao, JingDong, all kinds of price wiper, cheap have more than ten yuan a pair, expensive also have a few hundred yuan.Wiper is small, but its function andtechnology content is not low, and even important components to ensure safety.It is suggested that when you choose and purchase wipers, you should recognize the big brands at home and abroad, such as: Meitu wiper, which is a well-known wiper manufacturer, and also the manufacturer of many original parts. There is no doubt that the large factory products with strict quality control are very reliable.