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How many influencing factors can affect the life time of wiper blade?

Aug 08, 2018

Driving rain, the wiper blade stop working, wiper maintenance is the most easily overlooked by the owner’s link? Wiper blade damaged scraping clean sightline will be affected, the proposed owners of each car wash, in addition to wash the glass, the best glass cleaning fluid, cloth wipers to extend the life of the wiper.

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  These factors include the sinister high temperatures in the summer, frequent and abundant rainfall in the rainy season, to with stand the shifting sand in the daily Benz streets, walking stone, will cause the water allocated to hardening or deformation in the adhesive side, wait until this time, the water allocated life it is almost a candle guttering in the water aside as if the wind is unable to glass shaved, especially when it rains. 


  Have at hand the budget if the proposed or to buy wiper blade top device, if it was not going to finance the purchase if the top's, please remember that each parking wiper to put up, try to avoid the wipers have been fit and glass.